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Splash Day

Saturday was such a fun filled, busy day: Laren & Jack are here so were packing it in. We kicked it off frugalista style (yes, that’s a ridiculous word I just made up) by hitting the Hillside Church of Golden’s kids clothing swap-brilliant! I could only handle parting with one tub (out of 7!) of my precious babies’ clothes and it was a teary parting at that. But I was brave & reasonable in realizing the opportunity to trade out the dusty tub of Trip’s 18mo duds for clothes needed for the here & now was a worthy one. We walked out of there with a fresh tub of clothes for Jack, Jossi & Trip-everyone benefited! We even made a new friend & got some great insight into life in this area. Moving right along we stopped by the Golden Farmer’s Market to grab some dried apples, dried mangos & a canning book I won from the Ball booth-my lucky day! While at the Ball booth some one tapped me on the shoulder & told us they’d seen us at the clothing swap & wanted to know if we would like to do a canning swap with them. I was beside myself with domestic joy! They had just finished a batch of tomatoes & salsa verde, neither of which have I attempted, so this will be great! Once the swap occurs I will post here for those of you interested in hosting one yourselves. So Lauren & I are gearing up for a hot day in the tree house kitchen to turn boxes of Paonia peaches into luscious & sweet peach jam. (Yes, I said Paonia, not Palisade.  I am a peach snob & do declare Paonia’s peaches an arm & a leg better, sweeter & juicier than Palisade’s!) So, note here, it’s only about 11 am and we are on cloud 9 already…now for the poor, starving, patient chitlins…to the water park! A friend from church is a real estate agent & hosts a Splash Day every year, renting out the park, providing free entry, sub sandwhiches for lunch & pizza for dinner. What a fantastically free & fun summer day for the kids. After that the kids caught quick naps, I popped a gluten free, high altitude cake in the oven & we were off again, like a heard of turtles with our sunburned little ones. A new friend had invited us to a dinner party on her deck. She is a Texas that moved here the same weekend that we did! Crazy! We hit it off instantly like we had known each other all along.  So, even though the kids were dragging a bit, we couldn’t miss out on an invite like this. What a great night it was: great food, good conversation, the kids got along fantastically & my cake was a hit. You can catch a glimpse of it here on Ms. Claudine’s very own blog.


I made it in a pic-thanks Lo!


Little fish!

So proud he was hopping on one foot.

Sun bathing mamas



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  • Sounds like an awesome day! I’ll have to try some of that jam! Sounds delicious! I loooooved having you and Lauren over that night. You guys are a precious gift to all that get to be with you! Thanks for the linkylou to my site! XOXO

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