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Labor Day

We just got in from a morning of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, gf pancakes, cups & cups of life-sustaining coffee & a birthday celebration of sunshine. I loaded up 2 littlins, tired from jumping on the trampoline, catching bugs & trying to climb aspens. The afternoon storm rolled in on the drive home with a heavy drizzle turning the mountains smoky shades of blue gray. I breath in deeply the wetness quenching the dry ground. The kids are down for a peaceful rest now, the house smells of rain & tobacco flower-my nose’s favorite aroma. Community is an odd thing. You search for it in every crevice & crack of your life, forcing it at times.  I long for deeper connections, empathy from someone who’s walked that path, a tear or hug from an understanding heart, an ear just to hear me out. We all want it, right? We all look for it in different places. In some seasons we wonder aimlessly day to day with out it, wondering what everyone else in the world is doing to get by in life, isolated and alone. Then, in a parking lot of vbs or school, at the farmers market or at the lake one day you stumble upon it. It sneaks up on you unexpectedly, some how catching you by surprise! A connection, a smile, a familiar feeling in a heart you just met. This weekend, for me, is a celebration of just that. A celebration of the Labor of my Heart paying off in full. Friends gathered over food for no reason, over breakfast for a child’s birthday, the men summitting 4 mountains in one day just because they are alive to do it. This is community. Someone affirming you by speaking into your life that they aren’t too busy for you. We all eat, let’s do it together. You want to climb? I will climb with you. You’re hurting? I hurt with you. You are praying? Let me pray with you. This is community. This is the Labor of our Hearts. This is God’s heart for us through Christ. Thank you Lord for making every day Labor Day.


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